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When It Comes To Civil

Contracting Work

If you need an end-to-end civil project solution, look no further than G Force Civils. With over 10 years experience within the commercial and industrial civil engineering and construction trades, we’re well-known for getting the job done right the first time, every time. Notably, we’ve helped roll out the NBN™ down the east coast of Australia with LendLease and Broad Spectrum, and the Telstra™ Wideband network with Downer. Watch this short video now to see exactly how we can help.

Choose From Our Wide Range

Of Commercial Services

While we’re well-known for servicing large contracts for companies such as Downer, LendLease, and Visionstream, we’re equally as experienced in several other areas of civil work for smaller clients too. We always ensure the protection of underground assets with any job we do.

Underground Service Location

We Specialise In Pipe And Cable Locating including electricity, gas, water, sewer, TV, high-speed…

Ground Penetrating Radar

Utility Mapping is the use of state-of-the-art radar technology to create…

Vacuum Hydro-Excavation

Non-destructive excavation is a safer alternative to traditional methods and protects buried…

Asphalt Services Gold Coast

Easy to install and maintain, asphalt is an aesthetically pleasing strong and durable product…

Fibre Optic, Coaxial & Copper Cabling, etc.

Depending on your bandwidth requirements, frequency…

Aerial Fibre Construction

Fully accredited aerial Fibre Cable Installers for the non rollout.

Civil Construction Brisbane and Gold Coast

Civi construction is an essential part of what makes society function.

Remediation Works

Strengthening soil to improve durability and weight bearing capability is an important…

Horizontal Drilling

Trenchless Underground Drilling has proven to be faster, more cost-effective and a lot less disruptive to existing surfaces…

Pit & Pipe

With the expansion of the NBN™ to every premises in Australia, as well as growth in private networks, we are fully accredited workers…

Internal & External Plant Installation, etc.

Starting something new is always a great opportunity.

Asbestos Removal & Transportation Gold Coast

Complete asbestos removal for: House demolition, Asbestos sheeting removal, Asbestos Roofing…

Concrete Breakout & Reinstatement

Concrete Breakout and Reinstatement for concrete…

Traffic Management

We pride ourselves on offering a personalised and professional service. All Traffic Controllers…

The 3 Big Benefits To Using

Our Services

Handling projects of any size, the team at G Force Civils are well-regarded within the industry for our professionalism and skill. It’s why LendLease and Broad Spectrum chose us to help roll out the NBN™ and why Downer selected us to help with installing the Telstra™ Wideband network. Visionstream also trusted us for pit installation and crucial asbestos removal.

10+ Years' Experience

We have over a decade of practical experience, allowing us to execute jobs faster and more efficiently than others without compromising on quality of work or results. Our experience has seen us become a preferred partner for many large businesses throughout SEQ.

No Wasted Time Or Money

Don’t risk hiring the wrong workers and wasting both your time and money when you need to get it redone! We get it done right the first time, every time, and we guarantee the quality of our work alongside the professionalism of our team.

Professional Results

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the professionalism of our team. It’s just one reason why councils and big businesses such as Downer, Lendlease and Visionstream choose us over others to carry out their work. Put simply, we do what we say, when we say it, at the price we agreed to, at a level of finish others can’t achieve.