Electrical Trenches & Overlays

When you drive on the surface of a road, it is hard to remember how much goes on beneath the surface.

While roadways are intended to be hard and solid for transportation purposes, there is still a lot going on under the asphalt. Understanding what goes on underneath a roadway is critical. Therefore, take some time to learn about electrical trenches and overlays.

An Overview of Electrical Trenches

Electrical trenches are used to run electrical lines beneath the surface. When electrical lines are in the ground, they are safer and more reliable. However, they must be covered properly and securely. It is important to dig them to the proper depth for safety reasons. This is what an electrical trench can do. These trenches can be created to run power supply cables along major roadways and thoroughfares.

A Quick Look at Overlays

Another way to build up the surface of the roadway is with an overlay. While trenches cover other elements underground, overlays are designed to provide a smoothing layer over surfaces that are showing signs of age. Asphalt surfaces break up and crack over the years. With an overlay, this cracking can be corrected, and the overall appearance can be refreshed. Overlays can also address alligator cracking, which can minimize the need for costly repairs down the line. In short, overlays are a cheaper and more effective way to manage your roadways.

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